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Looking to make a few adjustments to your career? You should become a Chiropractor…

Chiropractors diagnose and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system, either to help patients recover from an injury, to relieve pain or to manage an ongoing condition.

Chiropractic work involves using manual manipulation and support techniques on joints, soft tissue, and bones – mainly focusing on the spine. Common ailments requiring chiropractic treatment include back, shoulder, leg, or neck injuries, sciatica, and other posture or muscle problems.

Typical duties for a Chiropractor may include:

  • Consulting with patients, either at their homes or in clinics
  • Asking about previous medical problems and personal injury history
  • Carrying out physical examinations to determine the levels of movement
  • Checking blood pressure and taking X-rays
  • Providing treatment plans for each individual patient
  • Carrying out physical treatments and adjustments
  • Keeping records on patients’ progress
  • Referring patients to other medical professionals if needed

A keen interest in human biology as well as a firm and knowledgeable grasp of how the spine works is essential for anyone looking to become a Chiropractor.

You’ll need to have methodical approach in your work, and be able to tackle any difficulties logically and calmly. Because of the interpersonal nature of the job, good communication skills and a friendly approach are absolutely vital to ensuring your patients are comfortable, and are able to put their trust in your work.

Other key skills and attributes for a Chiropractor include:

  • Manual dexterity
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Sensitivity
  • Compassion
  • Good judgment
  • The ability to deal with stressful situations

Junior Chiropractor

Up to £20,000


Up to £40,000

Senior Chiropractor

Up to £80,000

Not wanting to sound arrogant – but when it comes to massages, I’ve always been pretty skilled. After I got made redundant in my previous job, I decided to look into a career in Chiropractic care – and now (4 years later) I’m a self-employed Chiropractor. The job is so rewarding, and I also get to meet and communicate with a variety of different people. You’d be surprised at the amount of accidents people can manage to get into (dance related injuries are common), but watching the improvement from day-to-day is without a doubt the best part of the job. And although people can be demotivated at first, their attitude totally changes once they feel the results.

Get qualified

A General Chiropractic Council accredited degree in Chiropractic is a standard prerequisite for those wanting to join the profession. You’ll then need to join the GCC register to become a fully qualified Chiropractor.

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