How much can I earn in HR?

It pays to work in HR… 

HR is a rewarding industry with a vast range of career opportunities. Not only does it allow you to make a difference in your day-to-day work, it could also boast excellent earning potential – especially when you move up the ranks.

We spoke to Avado, the UK’s No.1 online provider of professional qualifications, to find out how much you can earn in some of the most popular HR jobs (and how to get there): 


What do I need to start a career in HR? 

To start a career in HR, you’ll need a certain set of skills and qualifications. Whilst work experience is vital in order to qualify for senior roles, it’s not always necessary for those looking to begin at entry-level. 



In order to thrive in HR, you’ll need to have:

  • Excellent admin and organisational skills
  • A friendly and approachable attitude
  • Great communication and listening skills
  • The ability to remain calm and professional in tough situations
  • Conflict management and problem solving skills



When it comes to HR qualifications, CIPD is the industry standard. 

It stands for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and it’s the main professional body to accredit and award professional human resources (HR) qualifications. 

CIPD qualifications are recognised by HR employers worldwide, and are a prerequisite for anyone looking to progress their career in HR.

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How to get a job in HR (without any experience)


HR salaries 

So, how much can you actually earn in HR? 

Depending on your qualifications, experience level, and role, you could earn anything from £15,000 to £50,000 per year. And, if you’re fully CIPD qualified and you gain the experience needed to reach director level, your earnings could increase up to £100,000

Here’s how much you could earn in some of the most popular HR roles, and the qualifications that could help boost your salary expectations: 


To earn an average of £17,000-25,000 per year…

You’ll kick off your career as an: 

What you’d do: In these entry level roles, you’d be responsible for supporting a business by addressing the needs of its employees. Your specific duties may vary, but responsibilities will typically include boosting staff morale, handling employee grievances, instigating training and development, and helping with the recruitment process.

Get qualified with: The CIPD Level 3 Certificate in People Practice

How to become an HR Assistant


To earn an average of £32,500 per year…

You’ll need to progress to become an:

What you’d do: As an HR Advisor, you’d have a broad scope of responsibilities, which would include things like writing job descriptions, conducting interviews, providing training, and helping with disciplinaries. If you chose to become an HR Analyst, your role would be focused on preparing budgets, and forecasting and managing staff resources, alongside scheduling recommendations for training, staff development, and new job roles.  

Get qualified with: The CIPD Level 5 Diploma in People Management.

How to become an HR Advisor


To earn an average of £47,000 to £57,000 per year…

You’ll be developing your responsibilities as an: 

What you’d do: As an HR Business Partner, you’d work closely with an organisation to develop an HR agenda in line with their overall goals – and improve how the business operates overall. L&D Managers are in charge of managing and developing an organisation’s L&D processes, focusing on the design and delivery of learning programmes and activities. Once you’ve worked your way up to Head of L&D, your role would become more strategy based, with an emphasis on overseeing the entire L&D function.  

Get qualified with: The CIPD Level 5 Diploma in People Management or the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development

How to become an HR Business Partner


To earn up to £100,000 per year…

You’ll use your extensive skills and experience to become an: 

What you’d do: As an HR Director, you’d oversee and supervise the planning, directing, and coordination of the company’s HR function. It’s similar to the role of an HR Manager, but differs in that the position is mainly consultation based. This means that your focus will be on the big picture, rather than day-to-day management. 

Get qualified with: The CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management. 


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