Holidays: definitely not for wimps

Holidays: definitely not for wimps

“Lunch is for wimps”. Or, at least, that’s how the saying goes.

As the UK’s workforce increasingly powers through its day, brushing aside the respite that should be lunchtime, it seems holidays could be the next thing to fall by the wayside.

We’ve been digging around the holidaying habits of the UK’s employees and found that over 40% of us failed to use up all of our allocated holiday last year.

And it’s often our workload that’s coming between us and our sun loungers. Over a quarter of us were too worried about being able to cope with the backlog of work when we returned to take time off.

Meanwhile, the fragile state of the economy and the impact it’s having on our finances is taking its toll too. 13% of workers are put off spending time away from work by a lack of job security and the fear of layoffs.

The average UK worker is entitled to five weeks of paid holiday every year and, for most of us, those five weeks are an opportunity to visits new places, spend time with friends and family or simply do our own thing. And all of that can be crucial part of maintaining our well-being.

Work/life balance has been a hot topic for a good few years now and taking sufficient time off to re-charge your batteries is an important part of the mix.

Some employers let you carry holiday into the following year, whilst other let you cash in unused days. However lots don’t, so the old adage applies: use it or lose it.

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