Graduate advice

Find out how to land your dream graduate job with our expert advice for graduates. Whether you need help adapting to graduate life, you’re looking to improve your job searching technique, or you’re just not sure of your options – we’ve got carefully tailored graduate career advice that’s guaranteed to boost your prospects.

How to kick-start your career if you’re aged 18-24

Aged 18-24 and looking for work? Here are our top tips on how to kick-start (or restart) your career and find a job you love.

What job can I do with my degree?

Not sure what to do after you graduate? Luckily, there are a number of roles that might suit you, no matter what subject your degree is in. 

Revealed: The best city to go to university in 2020

Find out which city has been named the most cost-effective place to attend university, as part of the NatWest Student Living Index 2020.

Five tips to help secure a grad scheme role

We spoke to Randstad, the world’s largest recruitment company, to get their advice on how to secure a grad scheme role. Here are five of their top tips.

Six extracurricular activities to add to your CV

Wondering how you can add a little extra to your CV? We’ve already covered whether you should include your hobbies, but here are five extracurricular activities you might want to add to your CV.

How to find: international graduate jobs

For many recent graduates, finding a job abroad is an attractive option. To help you figure out the logistics of moving abroad for work, here are our top tips on finding international graduate jobs.

The Gradlife – Working your way into work experience

Our graduate blogger, Lydia, talks about how she found great work experience placements – and gives her top tips on how to find one that works for you.

Meet Lydia:’s first graduate blogger

We spoke to Lydia to find out more about her role, and she’s using her own experience to help graduates find their perfect post-uni position:

What can I do with my English degree?

When it comes to using your English degree, communication is key. To make sure you know what’s out there, here’s what you can actually do with your English degree:

Six reasons to join a grad scheme

Finally getting over the shock of graduation? It’s time to start using your degree. We’ve already covered what you need to know about graduate schemes, but here are six reasons you should consider joining one:

Eight things all recent graduates are tired of hearing

When you graduate, it seems like everyone is an expert on employment. We’ve already covered 10 things you wish you could tell your pre-graduate self, but here are eight things all recent graduates are tired of hearing:

How to: Prepare for your first year at uni

Not feeling ready for uni? We can help with that. To make sure you’re ready to become a fresher, here’s how to prepare for your first year:

Student loans: What you need to know

Confused about student loans? You’re not alone. To help you get to grips with it all, here are a few key things you need to know, and how to apply for them.

What can I do with my Science degree?

Not sure where a scientific background can take you? It’s time to consider your options. To make sure you know what’s out there, here’s what you can actually do with your science degree:

Class of 2016

To help you gain some insight into the hopes and expectations of the class of 2016, we surveyed over 2000 current students and graduates with their career prospects in mind. Here’s what we found out:

Post-university checklist

Graduation: The beginning of freedom, or the end of an era? To help you to deal with life after getting your degree in the right way, here’s our comprehensive post-university checklist:

Applying for graduate jobs

Finding the right graduate role for you isn’t always easy. To help maximise your chances of success, here’s our advice on how to apply for graduate jobs:

Graduate schemes: What you need to know

Not sure what a grad scheme is? You’re not alone. To make sure you’re clued up on exactly what they entail, here are a few key things you need to know about graduate schemes:

The most in-demand graduate employers 2016

Struggling to find your perfect match? Here are some of the most in-demand graduate employers hiring with in 2016:

What graduate employers really want

Entering the world of employment after university can be tough. So, to help boost your application, here are a few key things that graduate employers are really looking for in their ideal hire:

How to: Stop freaking out about graduating

Change can sometimes be scary. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be positive. To help diffuse the emotional panic, here are a few useful tips that could stop you freaking out about graduating:

Student loan repayments: What you need to know

Still not sure when you have to start repaying your student loan? We spoke to the Money Advice Service to find out the facts:

How to: Deal with student debt after you graduate

Graduates coming out of university this summer could be leaving with more than £30,000 of debt, which can feel like a staggering amount. Here the Money Advice Service gives its tips on managing your money after you graduate.

Is this the first job formula? Socialite students lead race for dream first role

The key to finding a new job: sociability; blogging; speaking French? Our latest research reveals all…

CEF – Graduate sales jobs with a difference

Looking for a Graduate sales job with a little bit more? We spoke with City Electrical Factors to find out what their Graduate Programme entails…

Five pitfalls for graduate jobseekers to avoid

For many new graduates entering the job market, finding their first professional role will seem like an almost impossible mountain to climb. With that in mind, here are our top five pitfalls for graduate jobseekers to avoid.

Tips for staying efficient in your graduate job search

Learn how to maximise your efficiency and increase your chances on the graduate job search.

10 survival tips for new graduates

Finding your first job as a new graduate is a daunting task at the best of times, even more so in today’s challenging economic climate. Here are 10 Survival Tips to help you get started.


What do we recommend adding to your CV after you graduate?

Education should generally be the focus of a Graduate CV. Write in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent events coming first. Include relevant modules too, as well as skills tailored to the job description to help you stand out. Try using our Graduate CV template to get you started.

What’s our advice on getting on a graduate scheme?

Graduate schemes can be highly competitive – so always start your search as early as possible. We also recommend doing your research so you can tailor your application to the role. For more tips, check out our guide on how to secure a grad scheme placement.

Are there specific interview questions for graduate roles?

Although the most common interview questions are still likely to come up, there are certain things graduates may also be asked. Our advice is to prepare for anything directly related to your role. Examples of graduate interview questions include ‘what was your biggest achievement at university?’ and ‘what was the worst part of your course?’

What jobs can you do with your degree?

On, we’ve got lots of advice on what jobs you can do with your degree. So whether you studied english, law, business, psychology or science, or you got a 2:2 in any subject, we’ve got you covered.