Five ways a part-time Master’s degree could help you progress in your career

Looking to become the ‘Master’ of your career?

Whether you’re a professional seeking a promotion or a recent graduate looking to kickstart your career, a part-time Master’s degree is a flexible, career-boosting option that offers a unique blend of academic enrichment and real-world applicability. 

We spoke to Northumbria University London Campus to find out how a part-time Master’s degree could be the key to progressing in your career: 


1. You’ll gain the specialist skills employers are looking for

It’s well-known that the job market is competitive right now – so how can you stand out from the crowd? 

With two in five employers reporting that they have hard-to-fill vacancies, candidates with specialist skills are highly valued by employers. By taking a part-time Master’s degree, you’ll not only be able to gain highly sought after and industry-specific knowledge, you’ll also have the flexibility to study alongside your current role. 

So whether you’re looking to progress your career in project management, land a job in cyber security, or become a successful business leader, there are a number of Master’s courses that’ll help you get ahead. 


2. You’ll enhance your earning potential

When it comes to gaining the skills and expertise needed to pick up a higher paying job, opting for a Master’s degree is a sound investment.

On average, individuals with Master’s degrees tend to earn higher salaries than those with only undergraduate degrees. Additionally, many roles (particularly if you want to specialise in a specific field) require candidates to be educated to Master’s level. 

These advanced credentials could qualify you for higher-paying roles within your organisation, as well as make you more competitive when seeking new job opportunities.


3. You’ll prove your commitment to lifelong learning

Taking a part-time Master’s degree is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to personal growth and ongoing professional development. 

It means you’re diving into advanced education while juggling your work and life, proving you’re serious about personal and professional growth, and adapting to the changes that come your way.

In addition to becoming an expert in your field of study, you’ll also develop problem-solving skills, foster resilience, and engage in intellectual curiosity – all of which are things employers consider when giving pay rises or promotions. 


4. It could help you change careers (or move into a different specialisation)

If you’re looking for a new start, a part-time Master’s degree could be the way to make it happen. Here are a few examples of in-demand industries you could qualify to work in with a Master’s degree: 

  • Project management. PMI predicts that the project management labour force will grow by 33% by 2027. A part-time Master’s will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in project management, including leadership, communication, and strategic planning. 
  • Cyber security. According to, there has been a 30% increase in cyber security related job postings in the UK over the past year. This reinforces the critical role of cyber security in today’s digital landscape. By studying at Master’s level, you’ll gain the technical expertise required to address cyber threats.
  • Business. A part-time business Master’s can open doors to entrepreneurship or management positions, whilst providing a deeper understanding of market dynamics.

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5. You’ll meet like-minded professionals in your industry

A Master’s degree proves that it’s all about who you know and what you know. 

Whilst gaining valuable skills and knowledge, you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with professors, classmates, and industry professionals. Building this strong professional network can open doors to new job prospects, mentorship, and collaboration on projects.

If you’re looking for a vibrant and diverse student community, Northumbria University London has got you covered. Their network consists of students from over 100 countries around the world, and they also have industry links in business, cyber security and more.


How can I find out more about part-time Master’s degrees? 

If you’re interested in learning more about what a part-time Master’s degree could do for your career, and the collection of part-time degrees Northumbria University London has on offer, you can check them out here.


Why study with Northumbria University London Campus? 

At Northumbria University London Campus, their academic experts and support staff are committed to giving you an educational experience that will set you up for life.

Not only do they offer a range of cutting-edge postgraduate courses that are at the forefront of current knowledge and informed by global perspectives, they do so from a modern campus with fantastic transport links, conveniently located in the heart of London’s business and financial district.

Some great reasons to study with Northumbria University London Campus include:

  • Northumbria University’s Business School holds the double AACSB accreditation – the first in Europe to gain the double accreditation.
  • Northumbria University’s MSc Cyber Security degrees (full-time and part-time) have been recognised as among the best in the country after receiving full certification from the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ.
  • Get access to a range of support services, such as academic advice, careers and employability guidance, and student life and wellbeing support.
  • Northumbria is ranked in the Top 30 for the number of UK full-time graduates in highly skilled employment (Graduate Outcomes Survey 2020/21 Leavers)
  • They offer a range of course start dates, enabling you to apply for a part-time degree that starts in January or October. 



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