Five ways a bookkeeping course could improve your career

Looking for a balanced career? Bookkeeping might be for you…

If you’ve got excellent organisational skills and a head for numbers, becoming a Bookkeeper might just be your ideal fit. All it takes is a good amount of drive and dedication – and the right professional qualification

We spoke to the experts at AVADO, the UK’s No.1 online provider of professional qualifications, to find out five ways an IAB bookkeeping course could benefit your career:


1. You’ll instantly be able to apply for jobs

No experience? No problem.

Becoming IAB qualified means you’ll be ready to start applying for bookkeeping jobs straight away, without the need for additional training. And there aren’t any formal prerequisites required to start studying.

What’s more, with all the courses available to take online, you can fit everything around your current schedule, meaning you won’t have to put your life on hold to become career qualified.


2. You’ll have more choice

All businesses, regardless of size, are required by law to ‘keep books’ – meaning qualified Bookkeepers are always in high demand.

In fact, as of the beginning of the 2015-16 financial year, there were over 44,025 bookkeeping and accountancy firms in the country, a growth of over 6% in the last year alone*.

Not only does it mean that you’ll have a greater choice of roles, but your professional bookkeeping certification will help you stand out from the competition and add to your employability.


3. You could be your own boss

An IAB qualification allows you the flexibility to take control of your career, on your own terms.

You could set up your own practice and work for yourself as a Sole Trader, or even head up your own Limited company further down the line. You could also work on a freelance basis, alongside a more permanent position.

As a qualified Bookkeeper, working for yourself will always be an option.


4. You’ll be up-to-speed with the latest software

With a professional certification you’ll be able to back-up your bookkeeping credentials with an officially accredited, and industry-leading qualification.

You’ll also be able to prove to potential employers that you’re proficient in some of the key software needed to start managing their books straight away.

So whether you want to add value to your CV, or just be able to go into a new job and hit the ground running, your IAB qualification will have you covered.


5. You’ll earn more money

Finally, if you’re looking for a bookkeeping job with a better salary, IAB is for you.

Entry level salaries for IAB Level 1 qualified Accounts Clerk start at around £21,000. But as you progress through the different levels, you’ll have the potential to earn as much as £42,000 – or even more for those looking to start their own practice.

If you want to learn (and earn) more, there isn’t a better way to get into bookkeeping than IAB.


What is IAB?

The International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) is the leading UK and international professional body for those providing bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services to small businesses.

They have three main bookkeeping qualifications: Foundation (Level 1), Intermediate (Level 2) and Advanced (Level 3).


Why study with AVADO?

AVADO is the largest online provider of professional qualifications in the whole of the UK.

Not only do they offer over 26 years’ worth of experience in online learning, they also boast a 98% pass rate when you choose to study with one of their courses.

Other benefits of studying with AVADO include:

  • Live interactive classes, not just pre-recorded
  • All-inclusive exam fees and booking service
  • Flexible payment options
  • Expert personal tutors available via phone, email and online
  • An easy to understand, step-by-step syllabus


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*Report published by Economia


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