Five reasons you should be working in the oil & gas industry

Five reasons you should be working in the oil and gas industry

So you’re considering working in oil and gas?

Good choice. The industry provides three quarters of the UK’s primary energy, and is expected to double in production by 2030. And that can only mean one thing: jobs.

To help make your decision, here are five reasons you should be working in the oil and gas industry:

You’ll be well-paid

First thing’s first: if you want to earn more than the average salary for your role, this is the right industry for you.

Not only are these professions among the highest starting salaries of any sector, they also continue to stay lucrative as your career progresses. The average salary for an oil and gas role is over £50,000, and with the right experience and expertise, that can move well into six figures.

Add to that lucrative bonus schemes, bonuses, and a host of other financial incentives, and you can see how a job in oil and gas could really begin to bring the benefits.

You’ll be able to work anywhere

Well not exactly anywhere. But with more than half a million people currently employed in the industry worldwide, the number of locations you could find yourself in is unlike almost any other industry.

This global demand is also rapidly increasing, often reflecting the latest technological trends.  With an estimated 1 million people needed to specialise in oil sands alone by the year 2035, not to mention those needed in every other area of the industry, it definitely shows no sign of slowing down.

You’ll have flexible working arrangements

Many employers in the industry are open to flexible hours. Onshore employees often work a standard Monday to Friday, with weekends off.

If you’re working offshore, however, you’ll often be working 12 hour days. You’ll usually only be working for a period of around six weeks though, after which time you’ll be entitled to the same six weeks off.

So, essentially, you’ll only be working half of the year. What’s not to like?

You’ll have longevity

Supplies of oil & gas are not yet running out, meaning people will be needed to work in the sector for many years to come. Even so, there is a growing interest and awareness around sustainability, increasing demand for individuals who can help companies monitor their environmental footprint.

Whilst you can’t always bank on what the next digital trend will be, or whether a brand stays in fashion, people will always be needed to work at getting the most out of resources.

In fact, technological advancements in the industry not only mean that resources are used up more slowly and more efficiently, they also often need specially trained technicians to operate, providing those in the know with more indispensable skills and more employment opportunities.

You’ll have choice

Interested in bigger salaries and the ability to relocate, but not so interested in operating heavy machinery? You should still work in oil & gas.

The industry is made up of much more than Engineers and Technicians. People with skills in a range of different disciplines are required. So whether you want to work in business operations, marine biology or even be a sous-chef, a rewarding career (offshore or onshore) await.

Why let coded welders have all the fun?

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