Five of the best paying part-time jobs

For some of us, finding the right role means finding something flexible…

Part-time work can be a great way to maintain a healthy work/life balance, build up your experience and work in an area you love. And a drop in hours doesn’t always mean a drop in income.

To help keep you see which options are both flexible and financially viable, here are some of the best-paying part-time jobs:


Web Designer/Developer

What they do: Design and develop a range of websites, in order to optimise performance and improve usability. Although for bigger websites these positions will undoubtedly be full-time, many smaller businesses employ technology-based roles on a more flexible basis.

What you need: Whether it’s designing websites, developing apps, building online shops or fixing bugs, part-time web design and development positions utilise a range of different skills. Creativity, problem solving and basic coding skills are all invaluable. A degree may be preferred, but isn’t essential.

What you can earn: Part-time tech positions can be extremely lucrative, particularly if you already have a good level of expertise. Part-time Web Developers can earn anywhere up to £25 per hour, and part-time Web Designers can expect to be paid a similar amount.

Perfect for: People who love technology (but don’t like commitment).

Our advice: To really start standing out to potential employers, build an online portfolio of your work. If you’re struggling for things to include, freelancing is a great way to get experience in the industry, and will help show interviewers exactly what you can do.

How to become a Web Developer

How to become a Web Designer

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Social Care

What they do: Social care and support workers can perform a number of services, from helping to assist people with learning disabilities through to childminding and nursery services. And because their care isn’t always needed round the clock, it’s a perfect career option for part-timers.

What you need: Aside from excellent interpersonal skills and an upbeat personality, you’ll need patience in abundance to work in this profession. A flexible and versatile approach to your work will be similarly key.

What you can earn: Part-time Social Workers can expect to earn somewhere around £28 per hour once fully qualified. Entry-level positons are also paid consistently above other part-time roles.

Perfect for: People who want to help people.

Our advice: If you don’t have any experience or training in social care, taking a dedicated course will help you get up-to-speed – not to mention sell your CV. There are options to suit almost every budget, and most offer a recognised qualification or diploma as the end result.

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Waiting staff

What they do: Although not generally thought of as being particularly well-paid, for many, working as waiting or bar staff at large events is a great way to earn good money. Examples of events you could work at include big sporting occasions, such as test cricket and football games, large weddings and charity evenings.

What you need: A great attitude, as well as an excellent work ethic and the ability to work well under pressure. And, as many of these events are one-offs, flexibility is key – making it the ideal part-time job for students.

What you can earn: With the right amount of experience and professionalism, some of the top events staff can earn hundreds of pounds for a few nights work. And that’s not including tips.

Perfect for: People who know how to stack.

Our advice: Sign up for an agency that specialises in hospitality roles, and give them up-to-date details about your availability. For the highest-paid positions you will need some experience, so finding waiting jobs locally could help get your foot in the door.

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What they do: Prepare a business’s accounts, which are used to give an overview of their financial status. Although most large companies employ them full-time, smaller organisations often record fewer transactions, making part-time accountants invaluable.

What you need: Excellent maths skills, and a natural aptitude for numbers. You won’t necessarily need a degree, although previous experience with accounting software may be a bonus.

What you can earn: Part-time Accountants earn around £15 per hour as an entry-level salary, although this could rise above £20 if you progress in the profession.

Perfect for: People who are looking for a balanced career.

Our advice: The AAT qualification is as valuable in the accountancy industry as a degree. There are a range of finance options available if you’re interested in taking the qualification on, and some employers will even sponsor you to start studying.

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Hair & Beauty

What they do: High paying part-time jobs in the beauty industry could include Makeup Artists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Beauty Therapist and even Stylists. Many of these are also available to work as self-employed, allowing you to effectively manage your own schedule.

What you need: You’ll need expertise in your specific area, as well as people skills, as you’ll be working with members of the public every day. Privacy, discretion and tact are also necessities.

What you can earn: Around £15 per hour in this industry isn’t uncommon for senior professionals, although self-employed workers could stand to earn far more.

Perfect for: People whose career could do with a makeover.

Our advice: The hair and beauty industry is highly competitive. Blogging about your experiences is a great way to get your personality, and your expertise, across to potential interviewers and clients. Use our part-time CV template and part-time cover letter template to help sell yourself.

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Honourable mentions: Substitute Teacher, Social Media Manager, Sales, Analyst, Personal Trainer.


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