Five lesser known benefits of working abroad

top 5 lesser known benefits to working abroad

Ok, so we know there are many advantages to working abroad.

It looks great on your CV; gives you confidence; independence; perspective. But, aside from the obvious ones, what are the real benefits of pursuing a career away from home?

If you’re considering relocating, here are five lesser known benefits of working abroad:


You always have a conversation starter

Ok, so confidence is a great by-product of working overseas. But that doesn’t help you when you first get there.

Luckily, you have the advantage of being ‘the exotic foreigner’. Add a mysterious accent into the mix, and you’re pretty much The Fonz.


You can reinvent yourself

Remember that embarrassing nickname/story/haircut? Luckily, none of the people you’re with will.

Be yourself… only better.


Makes you more interesting at home

You can officially top any story at pretty much any social gathering – ‘that reminds me of the time that I was teaching kids in Botswana’.

(Insert your own hero statement here)


Makes you appreciate the little things

Your family; your friends; Love Island.

Sometimes you need to move away to put everything else into perspective.

Trust us, you’ll never look at a jar of Marmite the same way again.


You make long lasting friendships

Of course those Canadian guys you once met in that bar in Cambodia want you to visit. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have mentioned it…

Meet enough people, and you’ll set yourself up for life.



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