Five free courses you could start right now

Introducing: qualifications that don’t break the bank…

Whether you’re looking to boost your employability or you simply want to expand your skillset, taking a course could be the perfect way to do it. And taking one doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, some courses come with no cost attached – meaning you can get certified without having to pay anything at all.

We spoke to vision2learn, one of the UK’s top providers of free courses, who told us five of the best free courses you could be starting right now:


Business and Administration Level 2

Need to improve your business skills? It might be easier than you think.

Covering everything from employment rights, workplace communication, and budgeting, to the purpose of IT in a business environment – this course teaches you all about the day-to-day workings of real-world companies.

Not only will you learn about the techniques used to help businesses run successfully, you’ll also understand how to arrange meetings, deal with change, and support your colleagues, as well as a variety of other essential business skills.

So whether you want to progress in your career or you’re looking to break into a thriving industry, this course could be the perfect way to do it.

Perfect for: People who like getting down to business.

Business and Administration Level 2 course


Essential IT Skills Level 2

This course helps you get-to-grips with the basics of IT, allowing you to expand on your knowledge and get the most out of a variety of widely used software.

Not only could you use what you learn in almost every work-based setting, you could also apply it at home.

Perfect for beginners, it touches on a wide range of topics, including word processing, presentation software, and spreadsheets. This means a solid knowledge of document editing, charts, and graphs, to data entry, formatting, and analysis (and much more) could be well within your reach.

And that’s not all. You’ll also be taught how to approach, plan, and evaluate IT related tasks, opening up opportunities in a wide range of different industries.

Perfect for: People who want to be computer savvy.

Essential IT Skills Level 2 course


Customer Service Level 2

If you’re passionate about customer service, this Level 2 qualification could be for you.

Focusing on the key principles of communication and customer care, it’s designed to teach students how to strengthen relationships with customers, clients, and colleagues, whilst providing an overview of the industry as a whole.

And if dealing with difficult people isn’t your strong point, don’t panic. This course also helps you to understand how to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers, along with outlining the most effective ways to deal with complaints.

Understanding customers? Tick. Delivering excellent customer service? Tick. Boosting your CV with a qualification? Tick.

Perfect for: People who want to work with people.

Customer Service Level 2 course


Dementia Care Level 2

Love caring for others, and looking to turn it into a career? Look no further.

Providing learners with an understanding of the core principles of dementia care, this course will enable you to actively assist individuals affected by the condition.

Along with an overview of how dementia can be defined and cared for, you’ll also receive valuable insights into the key functions of the brain that are influenced by the disease, the medical and social model of dementia, and the benefits of a person-centred approach.

So whether you need help caring for a friend or family member with dementia, or you’re interested in finding work in health and social care – this course could be exactly what you need to get started.

Perfect for: People who care.

Dementia Care Level 2 course


Nutrition and Health Level 2

By providing useful information on weight management, the role of nutrients, eating disorders, food labelling, and more – this course is perfect for anyone interested in gaining an understanding of how food impacts a person’s health.

Not only will you learn about food and nutrition in a broad sense, you’ll also discover how nutritional needs vary depending on age.

Understanding health and nutrition isn’t just important for your own wellbeing either, it could also allow you to help others improve theirs – whether it’s by working as a Personal Trainer or a Nutritionist.

At the very least, you’ll be able to name the five major food groups with little thought. And if that’s not a party trick, we don’t know what is.

Perfect for: People who always have their five a day.

Nutrition and Health Level 2 course


Why study with vision2learn?

vision2learn offer courses funded by the UK government, that are delivered and accredited in partnership with a further education college.  

They’ve helped thousands of people to advance their skillset and progress in their career, studying everything from customer service, business and IT, through to nutrition and healthcare.

Benefits of studying with them include:

  • Access to FREE courses in work-related areas
  • A convenient way to update your skills and boost your CV
  • Gaining a Level 2 nationally accredited qualification
  • Flexible studying options
  • UK-based support team and a one-to-one dedicated tutor


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