Eight signs you’re due a promotion

Career progression isn’t always easy…

You might feel like you’re doing all the right things to be next in line for a promotion, but things aren’t going as planned. However, just because it hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t mean a promotion isn’t on the cards. So how can you tell that you’re heading in the right direction?

We’ve already covered how to get promoted, but here are eight signs you’re probably due a promotion:


  1. You go above and beyond

(Almost) anybody can do what they’re told.

But just doing your job won’t be enough to get promoted. It’s all about going the extra mile.

So, if you’re frequently taking on extra responsibilities and excelling at every opportunity – you’re probably a solid contender to step up. Not only does it show your energy and enthusiasm, it also shows you’re ready to expand your scope.

After all, the ability to take on bigger things is exactly what your boss is looking for.


  1. You keep your cool

OK, so everyone loses control of their emotions from time to time.

But if you’re hoping for a promotion, you’ve got to be on your best (and most professional) behaviour. Storming out of a meetings, throwing tantrums, gossiping, or complaining will only sabotage your progression opportunities.

After all, no one wants to promote the guy/girl who flies off the handle whenever things don’t go their way. If you often bring your boss drama, you’re probably not ready for a promotion.


  1. You always take notes

Nobody likes repeating themselves.

But if you rely solely on your memory (and/or questionable attention span) to understand and process tasks, this might be exactly what you force your boss to do. And it certainly won’t be winning you promotion points.

Instead, use the initial briefing time to express any concerns, ask questions, and most importantly – write everything down. It’ll show your initiative, save time, and make your job easier – in other words, basically a no-brainer.


  1. You know what you want

If you’re due a promotion, your boss might go out of their way to ask you about your career goals.

This is a good sign – and it’s also the perfect opportunity to express your interest in moving up. After all, figuring out what you want is essential for employers to assess whether your goals span beyond your current position.

When it comes to how you should react – create a clear action plan, and make sure your aims are in line with what they’re able to give. Asking for extra development opportunities is a great way to demonstrate your eagerness, not to mention show you’re invested in the business.


  1. You can prioritise

There are two kinds of people in every office.

One is the kind that  completes tasks almost entirely at random. The other kind knows how to prioritise. And guess which ones employers are more likely to promote?

Using this skill will not only help you tackle your tasks more efficiently, it’ll also mean consistently meeting your deadlines – and demonstrating the kind of initiative that any senior member of staff needs.


  1. You tell it how it is

Newsflash: your boss doesn’t need you to tell them how great you are.

The truth is, they’d much rather hear about things that are going wrong.

Why? Firstly, because problems and mistakes are ultimately their responsibility – so being in the loop is vital. And secondly, it’s much more impressive to be able to spot a problem and fix it – than to deliberately disguise it with things that (you think) paint you in the best light.

And, if you try too hard to cover up mistakes, you might end up hiding your best abilities too.


  1. You’re getting involved in new things

A promotion rarely comes out of nowhere.

Most of the time, you’re eased into it gradually – usually by being given tasks you might not have done as a junior. It’s your boss’s way of testing your abilities and preparing you for bigger things.

They see your potential, and they want to pursue it.

So if you’re being invited to new meetings, asked for your input on big decisions, or told to head up exciting projects – it could mean good things for your career. Especially if your boss is the one who’s encouraging the additional responsibilities you’re taking on.


  1. You’re (almost) irreplaceable

If you’re due a promotion, you’re probably great at your job.

Sadly, this can sometimes mean that your employer will keep you in your current position for fear of losing you, and/or the hassle of trying to replace you. It’s a back-handed compliment that you don’t really want to take.

But before you frantically reduce your efforts to a minimum, try to prove how much more effective you could be if you were given greater responsibility. After all, if you’re able to bring more value to the business, a step up could actually make you a more attractive employee.

And remember: never take career progression for granted.

You might’ve been in a role for a long time – but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically owed a step up. You need to show your employer that you’ve earned it.

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