Case study: How temporary work can lead to something permanent

Case study how temporary work can lead to something permanent

One great benefit of temporary work is that it brings with it the opportunity to land something a little longer lasting.

This was certainly the case for Leila Wright, a recent graduate who took up temping as a way to get some experience under her belt whilst earning.

Leila began working for SACO, a serviced apartment provider, as a Marketing Assistant on a temporary basis, and has swiftly progressed to a Partner Sales Coordinator. Her degree wasn’t necessarily related to her job, but despite this she has still progressed and experienced many different parts of the business.

We spoke with Leila to find out exactly how temporary work could help you in your search for something new…

The Big Interview

Q. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A. As a young girl it changed from year to year; I remember wanting to be a TV presenter, radio DJ and a travel agent at various points. It wasn’t until l was about 16 that I hoped of being a writer one day.

Q. What and where did you study?

A. Liverpool John Moores University – BA Media and Cultural Studies.

Q. What did you do after University?

A. I worked in retail for 6 months (where I had worked prior to and during university) and then went travelling around the world for 4 months – before starting at SACO.

Q. How did you find the temporary role at SACO?

A. I loved it, and it was always a challenge because my role was never safe. I really liked the company and wanted to prove myself!

Q. What tasks were you responsible for?

A. A real variety that developed over the months. I started off doing general admin duties, then went on to help create marketing collateral using InDesign; produce and being responsible for much of the new web content – including what’s on, shopping and eating guides; write press releases; assist with social media content; and also planning and organisation of both internal and external events.

Q. Was your temporary role extended at all?

A. Yes. I was initially contracted for 3 months over the summer months but this was extended month by month for a further 3 months, until I applied for a new internal role within the company and was made a permanent member of staff.

Q. Would you recommend temporary work to fellow graduates, even if they are seeking a permanent opportunity? If so, why?

A. Yes, absolutely. It’s an excellent opportunity to get yourself some experience within a working environment, and you never know where it might lead you and what opportunities could become available during your time with a company. Some companies use the “temporary” position as an opportunity to see what you’re capable of, so you have nothing to lose by going in and showing them what you’ve got. I think I’m a living example of this!

Q. What advice would you give to recent graduates looking for work?

A. Take any opportunity that’s given to you, whether that be voluntary or temporary, whilst you seek permanent work. We all want a permanent position right away, but we have to be realistic in the current economy. You’ll be gaining new skills to add to your CV, spending your time wisely and it may lead you to a permanent position along the way. How will you know without trying?!

Q. What’s the best thing about working for SACO?

A. The people, for sure. It’s like one big happy family who are extremely passionate about what they do and love coming to work each day. I am proud to work for such a reputable company that is continuing to excel in its industry.

Q. Why do you Love Mondays?

A. Because I get to get back into the swing of things and see all the lovely faces of my work colleagues.

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