Accounting jobs: How to get started

Want to get into accountancy? We’ve got the answers…

Whether you’ve always wanted to be an Accountant, or you’ve recently realised it’s the right career for you, breaking into the industry isn’t always easy; especially if you don’t have much practical experience.

We spoke to the experts at AVADO, one of the UK’s largest providers of professional qualifications, to find out some of their top tips on how to break into accountancy:


Focus on your relevant skills

First things first, you need to make your suitability known to employers.

This means taking the time to tailor your CV and cover letter to each individual job – focusing on how your abilities and experience match with the job description and person specification.

And if you’ve got no experience to speak of? You can still demonstrate your skills. If you’ve completed a qualification in accountancy or a related field, you’ll have gained a whole host of valuable skills – even if you haven’t yet been able to put them into practice.

These include everything from numerical, negotiation, and communication skills, to knowledge of accountancy practices and global business issues.

Even if you haven’t studied a relevant subject in the past, you’ll still have gained a range of transferable skills that you can add to your application (from organisational skills to problem solving).


Work your way up

Instead of starting in your perfect position right away, you might need to work your way up from more of an entry-level position.

Because whether it’s by taking on temporary accountancy jobs as a stepping stone to a permanent role, completing an internship, or starting out in a junior position where you can learn the right skills – you’ll be able to gain some of the vital knowledge you need to progress.

There are also a variety of training schemes and apprenticeships available, specifically designed to help you become a fully qualified accountant through learning on-the-job.


Move sideways

OK, we’re not saying you should give up on your dreams just yet.

However, there are a variety of fields out there that are closely related to accountancy, but don’t necessarily need as much in the way of prerequisites.

For example, many roles in administration may involve inputting and processing financial information, whilst jobs in bookkeeping, payroll and even marketing could prove the ideal stepping stone to help you break into the industry.

Additionally, widening your search will undoubtedly increase the level of opportunities available to you – enabling you to stand out from the competition.


Get qualified

The fastest and most effective way to get a job in accountancy is to take an industry-recognised course.

Not only will it teach you all the fundamental skills you need to get started, it’ll also demonstrate your dedication to employers.

Not sure what to study? AAT (the Association of Accounting Technicians) is the UK’s leading qualification and membership body for vocational accountants, meaning it’s often a prerequisite for many accountancy roles.

If you’re new to accountancy and looking to study flexibly, whilst boosting your earning potential; there’s no better choice than AAT. In fact, if you’re an entry-level AAT certified professional, you’ll be able to earn almost £20,000 (rising to £47,500 with experience)* – putting you well above the industry average.

Then, you can go on to study ACCA – which is specifically designed to help train more experienced accountants and those wanting to become Chartered Accountants.

AAT: What you need to know

Six reasons you should study AAT


Why study with AVADO?

AVADO is the largest online provider of professional qualifications in the UK.

Not only do they offer over 26 years’ worth of experience in online learning, they also have high pass rates on their AAT courses.

Other benefits of studying with AVADO include:

  • Interactive classes, where you can learn online with your tutor and other students
  • An online learning platform built around you (and accessible on any internet connected device)
  • Affordable, all-inclusive prices – with payment plans to suit your budget
  • Dedicated tutors available directly via phone, email and online
  • An easy to understand, step-by-step syllabus
  • Award winning provider you can trust


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