How an AAT qualification helped me find a career in accountancy

If you’re looking to become a qualified Accountant, start with AAT…

Aside from being the world’s leading accountancy qualification, AAT can take less than a year to complete – making it a quicker and more practical route into accounting than simply gaining a degree. And as it can be fit around your schedule, you don’t even have to be between jobs to get up-to-speed.

Still not convinced? We spoke to Zahra Jiwa, who gained her AAT qualification from AVADO, to find out how getting qualified helped kick-start her career in accountancy:


What did you do before starting AAT?

I studied Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Sciences at uni, but it was only when I started working as an Accounts Assistant that I realised I had a real passion for numbers and figures.

I wanted to take it further, so I decided to look into my options to find the right course to help me to progress in my career

AAT: What you need to know


What made you decide to study AAT?

I knew I needed something that was nationally recognised, had great career prospects and also flexibility, so that I could still work full-time and study in my own time

I did some research online, and asked for a brochure to gain more information about the AAT course. That helped me decide that it was the best option for me.

Six reasons you should start studying AAT


How did you study?

The course was delivered online, which I hadn’t actually done before. But I found it really easy to access – I could just watch the online recordings in my own time, whenever it suited me.


Why did you choose AVADO?

The first thing to stand out was their great pass rate and interactive online classes.

In fact, 97% of students who take AAT courses with AVADO end up passing the course*.

I still had a few questions, but the course advisor I spoke to really made me feel at ease, and within minutes I was enrolled onto the course, and able to immediately access their online campus. I couldn’t wait for my books to arrive to get started!


What materials did you receive from them?

The books arrived really soon after I enrolled.

The learning material was dissected into topics, and used examples and case studies to explain different scenarios which really helped.

Their virtual learning campus was great too – with practice assessments and tests for each module. They were all marked online too, so it was easy to track my progress.


Did you enjoy the course?

I loved it!

It was a big change to go from studying science to accountancy, but the way the course is written makes it so easy to pick up the fundamentals, and stay motivated.

I also loved being able to see my efforts paying off after each module.  Especially as I managed to get above 95% in all of my exams.


Did you have a lot of support whilst studying?

My tutor was very supportive. So were the student advice team.

Whenever I had any queries related to the course or my exams they got back to me very quickly, and made sure I had all the support I needed whist I was learning.


Do you have any tips for studying AAT?

Firstly, you need a keen interest in your topic, and reading around the subject as much as possible will definitely help.

If you find a concept hard to understand, don’t give up. Ask for advice till it makes sense. Your tutor really won’t mind advising you – it’s what they’re there for.

Finally, everyone has their own style of learning: some learn by reading and writing, and some learn best by answering questions. Find out which way is ideal for you and stick to it.

Knowledge gives life to your soul, so don’t get too stressed and enjoy your studies!


What do you plan to do next?

Currently, I’m still working at a private investment bank while studying AAT Level 3 with AVADO.

After that, I’m hoping to move onto AAT level 4, which is the top level of AAT.

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Would you recommend studying with AVADO?

My overall experience with AVADO has been great; the support they provided has been phenomenal and I really don’t have anything negative to say about them.

If you’re interested in a career in accountancy, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with them to find out more.


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*96.8% pass rate based on all Level 1 CBAs taken by AVADO students from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017



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