2 out of 3 Brits suffer ‘Sunday night fear’

  • ‘Sunday fear’ kicks in from 1:20pm on Sunday afternoon
  • Workload, commute, and salary are voted the worst things at work
  • 1 in 5 would ‘remove’ a particular colleague if given the choice

Unfortunately, not everyone loves their job, with a number of people suffering from ‘Sunday night fear’ in the run up to a new work-week.

We surveyed 2,000 UK workers, to find out what they dread most – and determine what it would take to make them actually love Mondays.


Sunday peaks at midday

Whilst ‘Sunday night fear’ (fear of the working week ahead) is typically associated with the evening, our survey suggests that the dread hits much earlier – practically cutting the day in half.

In fact, two out of three UK workers admit to suffering from ‘Sunday night fear’ as early as 1:20pm on Sunday afternoon. This means that if the average person wakes up at 9am on Sunday, they’re only enjoying four hours of ‘work free’ time.

And it doesn’t stop there. Anxieties are likely to heighten as the day goes on, with 39% of people feeling the weekend is well and truly over early every Sunday evening.

But what is it that fills so many UK workers with dread on the run up to Monday?


Bad commutes and annoying co-workers

The biggest cause of ‘Sunday night fear’ is simply going back to unfinished tasks from the past week – according to almost a third of us. In other words, everything we put off on Friday coming back to haunt us.

So it’s no surprise that the beginning of a new week feels like anything but a ‘new start’.

A terrible commute and irritating colleagues are also amongst the top three reasons to fear the week ahead, with 1 in 5 saying they’d remove a particular colleague in a bid to improve their work life.

An additional 12% admitted they’d be happier if they could say goodbye to work emails for good.


Mondays are made by perks

Even though it may seem inevitable, ‘Sunday night fear’ doesn’t have to plague our weekends.

When it comes to making Mondays great, a massive 97% of those surveyed said that job satisfaction was the most important factor in avoiding ‘the fear’.

But that’s not all it takes. Over a quarter of respondents said flexible working hours would help them look forward to the week ahead, with the option to work from home coming in as the second most important perk.

Other things that contribute to loving Mondays include having great colleagues, free lunches or breakfasts, and quicker commutes.


Creative and real estate careers voted the happiest  

According to our survey, happiness is pretty closely linked to the industry we work in.

94% of those in creative industries and in real estate are most likely to be satisfied in their job, but only 74% of public administration and defence workers admit they’re content with their career.

And when it comes to the best and worst parts of work – the opinions were somewhat divided across sectors.

Whilst people working in public administration, transport, and tourism, consider work-life balance to be paramount, our survey suggests that for those in finance and hospitality – salary and rewards are number one.

Additionally, tourism workers are most likely want emails to be a thing of the past, whilst those in public administration would be much happier without meetings.




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