15 things you only do with your work BFF

OK, so we know not everyone loves Mondays…

But if there’s one thing that helps you get out of bed every morning – it’s your work BFF. Not only are they around to share their snacks, listen to your complaints, and provide you with the latest gossip, they’re also your go-to when it comes to pretty much anything else.

To remind you just how important they are, here are 15 things you only do with your work BFF:


  1. You actually care about each other’s weekends


  1. You both stay super calm when there are snacks in the kitchen


  1. You bond over your mutual dislike of others



  1. You know all about their everyday (and sometimes weird) habits


  1. Two words: Lunch. Dates.


  1. You’re happy for them when they get a day off


  1. Despite secretly thinking ’how could you do this to me?!’


  1. You IM, even though you sit right next to each other


  1. Then have to hide why you’re laughing


  1. You come up with sly ways to visit their workspace


  1. Because who doesn’t need to borrow a stapler/pencil/any other generic item four times a day?


  1. Your stuff becomes their stuff and their stuff becomes your stuff


  1. Whether it’s snacks, deodorant, make up…your BFF has it


  1. You always sit next to each other in meetings



  1. You (voluntarily) meet up outside of work


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