14 work email problems everyone has experienced

Work emails are (mostly) great…

They allow us to communicate with our colleagues and customers – without ever having to leave our desk. But what happens when emailing goes wrong? It turns out, a whole lot of awkward – especially if you’re the one making the mistakes.

To help you relate, here are 14 work email problems everyone has experienced:


  1. When you want to chase a task up but you don’t want to seem needy

A balance between polite and firm is hard to master. It’s probably OK if you use an emoji though, right?


  1. When you receive a ‘friendly reminder’ and aren’t sure how to react

There’s nothing friendly about this and you both know it. Or is there? Better give them an evil look across the desk anyway.



  1. When you forget to attach an important document after specifically saying ‘see attached’

It was obviously just a test to see if they were paying attention, and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you’re notoriously forgetful.


  1. When someone doesn’t understand the purpose of ‘reply to all’

And they only stop using it when someone directly asks them to.


  1. When you accidentally send an email meant for Tim from accounts to Tim from marketing and everyone gets confused

‘What do you mean you can’t process my financial report, that’s your job isn’t it? …oh sorry, my bad.’



  1. When someone gets carried away with CCing

The project is headed up by one person on your team - but that obviously means it involves you and 14 other people.


  1. When your acronym savvy colleague starts pulling out all the stops

tl;dr, NRN, EOM…you’re drowning in a puddle of confusion.



  1. When you spend more time emailing about work than actually working

Sure Sharon, let’s totally catch up next week about that thing we’ve needed to do for the past six months but never got round to because you know, emails.



  1. When you accidentally send an email meant for one person to everyone

‘NO, NO, NO, GO BACK. BACK BUTTON. REFRESH...nope too late’ *sends awkward apology email whilst crawling into nearest hole*


  1. When people won’t stop sending gifs

Ain’t nobody got time for that.


  1. When you accidentally put a kiss on the end of the email to your boss

Are you at work or are you being featured in the latest series of Gossip Girl? At this rate, who knows.



  1. When the tone of your email is off so you throw in emojis and extra punctuation

‘Really looking forward to meeting you! Winky face’


  1. When someone’s lunch goes missing and your inbox starts losing it

Last seen: 06/04/17. Colour: red. Everyone is a suspect.


  1. When you only realise you’ve made a typo after you clicked send

Cool, everyone thinks you’re illiterate now. But it’s OK, you only sent it to one pers…oh wait. *crawls back into hole*


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