13 times looking for a job is totally terrifying 

Petrified of making mistakes in your job search? You’re not alone…

Job hunting can be a terrifying experience, no matter how long you’ve been doing it for. From forgetting to change the company name on your cover letter, to drawing a blank at an interview, the possibility of something going wrong can be pretty scary – no matter how irrational your fears may be.

Here are 13 times looking for a job can seem totally terrifying:


  1. When you forget to update your CV

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  1. When employers underestimate your skills


  1. When an employer checks your social media profiles

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  1. When everyone’s rushing to apply for the job you want

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  1. When you get a call to ask if now’s a good time for a phone interview

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  1. When they ask you to interview on Skype

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  1. When you literally can’t get out of bed to get ready

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  1. When your flatmate tries to hurry you out of the bathroom


  1. When you weren’t told the dress code so you just have to wing it

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  1. When maps sends you in the wrong direction

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  1. When you’re seriously intimidated by your interviewer

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  1. When your mind goes blank when they ask the first question

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  1. When an interviewer makes you do roleplay activities  

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