11 of the worst jobs ever

OK, so your job might not be perfect…

Your boss might get on your nerves from time to time, and the irritating things your colleagues do can sometimes push you to breaking point. But you might be surprised at the number of people out there who have a worse daily grind than you – and still manage to go to work with a smile on their face.

To put your day-to-day into perspective, here are 11 of the worst jobs ever:


  1. Armpit Sniffer

If you think having to put up with the smell of your colleagues’ questionable lunch choices is bad, you’re about to feel much better about your job.

Yes, Armpit Sniffers actually exist – and their noble sacrifice means you don’t have to smell quite as much sweat on your way to work. They’re employed by deodorant companies, and their day-to-day usually involves sniffing armpits in a hot room. You’re welcome, commuters.


  1. Port-a-Loo Cleaner

Ever wondered what a heavily used port-a-loo looks like? Probably not.

However, for Port-a-Loo Cleaners, looking at the unfortunate aftermath of thousands of people’s revelry (see also: drunk festival-goers) is all in a day’s work.

It’s dirty, it’s smelly, and it usually requires a high-pressure hose. #Grizzly.


  1. Pet Food Taster

When it comes to our pets, most of us will do just about anything to ensure they’re happy.

Luckily – this usually doesn’t involve taste testing their food. That’s because Pet Food Tasters are hired specifically to smell, handle, and eat sample tins of freshly made batches – to ensure each one is up to standard in terms of taste and texture.

Nice work, my pedigree chums.


  1. Mosquito Researcher

Although this might sound like a thing of (itchy) nightmares to most – for some people, getting bitten by mosquitos is actually a full-time job.

Essentially, they offer themselves as bait for the good of science.

Whether it’s to capture mosquitos for malaria fighting purposes, or it’s to test the effectiveness of mosquito repellent – the job literally bites.


  1. Grave Digger

Remember digging for ‘buried treasure’ as a kid?

Well, this is basically like that. Except without the treasure, and with a lot more digging – six feet of it in fact. But at least you’d have a real shovel this time.


  1. Snow Shoveller

Snow: you either love it or you hate it.

If you love it, you probably haven’t had to shovel a few tonnes of heavy slush out of walkways, roads, driveways – or even rooves. Comical falls practically come with the job.

Where’s Mr Plow when you need him…


  1. Gold Farmer

Gold farming involves playing multiplayer online games to earn in-game currency – that’s then sold for real money – to players that don’t want to earn gold themselves.

The hours are long, the pay is bad, and you basically just spend all 12 hours a day doing menial tasks like cutting wood or mining rocks (no real wood or rocks involved).

Think relentless clicking, constant energy drinks, and a disconnection from the outside world.


  1. Paint Research Scientist

If you think your job’s as boring as watching paint dry, think again…

Paint Research Scientists are employed to watch the colour of paint as it dries, as well as time how long it takes – all to improve the quality of the product.

And as tedious as it may sound – their work is essential to ensuring that dark mauve wall in your living room stands out enough to complement that vibrant cerulean chair. Also, to stop you getting covered in wet paint. That too…


  1. Snake Milker

Don’t question your knowledge of snake anatomy just yet – it’s not how it sounds.

Snake Milkers actually extract the venom out of dangerous snakes by getting them to bite down on a plastic cap on a glass vial. They use it to create an antidote for bite victims, as well as assist with other types of medical research.

Hey, at least it sounds cool on your CV.


  1. Professional Line Stander

Its official – people hate standing in lines so much, that they’re hiring other people to do it for them.

Professional Line Standers are employed for a number of situations, but they’ll find the most business during big sales, product launches, or ticket releases. Basically, they have to wait hours for something they don’t even get to keep.

Patience, an ability to stand for a long time, and an immunity to all types of weather is essential.


  1. Golf Ball Diver

Millions of golf balls are recycled and resold every year.

Unfortunately, not all of them are easy to retrieve. Instead of scouring the course or checking holes for rogue golf balls, Golf Ball Divers are specifically in charge of collecting any that disappear into the water.

All you need is an oxygen tank, scuba gear, and the strength to emerge with up to 2000 (heavy) golf balls at a time. Remember: it’s all in the hips…(ability to swim may also help).


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