10 of the worst people to work with over Christmas

Christmas is coming…

You know what that means; aside from hearing your yearly dose of Wham, you’re also about to experience your colleagues in a whole new Christmas light. And whether you’re a lover or a hater of the holiday festivities, there’s bound to be someone that gets on your bad side (and/or naughty list).

Here are 10 of the worst people to work with over Christmas:


  1. People who hate Christmas cheer (and want to sing it loud for all to hear)

Ah, the perennial workplace scrooge. Mostly seen looking down on Christmas jumper wearing colleagues, or ‘accidentally’ knocking over the Christmas tree.

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  1. People who are way too into Secret Santa

And feel it’s their duty as the ‘most festive person in the office’ to force you to get involved. You don’t even know Tim from Accounts, dammit.


  1. People who think Christmas songs should be enjoyed by all from November 1st

Of course, everyone’s partial to a Christmas classic, and that’s OK. But whether you’re a Pogues fan or team Mariah, all we ask is that you don’t put it on loudspeaker (well, at least until it’s officially December)…


  1. People who take their ‘head of the Christmas party committee’ role way too seriously

Oh, so we’re ‘totally ruining the theme’? It’s Christmas. Christmas is the theme. Get some mince pies and mulled wine, and you’re pretty much good-to-go.


  1. People who do their Christmas shopping in summer

And then make you feel guilty for fighting over the world’s most popular toy on Christmas Eve. I was busy, OK Sharon? Stop grilling me.


  1. People who have terrible taste in decorations

But still insist on taking charge of the office tree this year. Did Santa ever wear neon pink? Exactly.


  1. People who refuse to put a Christmas tree up at all

No, that old pile of post-it notes cannot be constituted as a Christmas tree. You didn’t even use the green ones.


  1. People who start the Christmas countdown in August

How many Eves can you put in front of a festivity before it gets totally ridiculous? One. The answer is one. Stop trying to make Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve happen.


  1. People who booked off all the good days first

Or worse, when you work in an industry where you can’t book time off at all. Lump of coal, anyone?

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  1. People who don’t like any Christmas films

Let’s face it, anyone who hasn’t seen Home Alone must be the Grinch in disguise…oh, you haven’t seen that either? See you in January.



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