10 of the highest-paying jobs 2018

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It’s not easy to find a role that pays more than just the bills. But with a variety of job opportunities available in 2018 offering extremely lucrative salaries, a more attractive pay packet could be well within your reach.

Using salary averages from jobs posted on reed.co.uk in 2018, we’ve compiled a list of just a few of the highest paying jobs this year:


  1. GP

Average salary: £107,000

GPs use their excellent listening skills, compassionate nature, and healthcare knowledge to diagnose, investigate, and treat a wide range of illnesses.

They act as the first port of call for patients within their local community, and take into account physical, emotional, and social factors, as well as the patient’s medical history, when diagnosing an illness and recommending a treatment.

A large portion of a GP’s role may also involve referring patients to other medical professionals – whether it’s to carry out tests or administer treatment.

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  1. Consultant Psychiatrist

Average salary: £104,000

Psychiatrists diagnose and treat patients with a variety of mental health disorders, from dementia and depression, to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and eating disorders, and decide on the best-suited treatment – whether it’s medication or psychotherapeutic methods.

As their work can often be challenging, emotional resilience is key for this role. Psychiatrists are also great communicators, who are able to treat others with empathy and understanding.

They usually specialise in specific areas of psychology, such as child, elderly, adult, or forensics – with their typical duties and responsibilities varying with each.

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  1. Cloud Architect

Average salary: £98,000

Instead of owning their own computing infrastructure, companies can rent computing services from a cloud service provider – that delivers servers, storage, databases, networking, applications, analytics, and more.

Cloud Architects are IT professionals that are responsible for the designing, building, maintaining, and deployment of these services – in a way which fulfils an organisation’s requirements.

It’s a relatively new and increasingly popular discipline, which makes those skilled in the field of cloud computing particularly sought after.

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  1. Sonographer

Average salary: £95,000

Sonographers use ultrasound technology to produce diagnostic scans of organs, blood vessels, joints, and soft tissue inside the body. Their work is vital in helping to diagnose health problems and monitor other conditions (e.g. pregnancy).

It involves a mixture of interpersonal skills, technical ability, hand-eye coordination, and much more.

They could specialise in a range of areas, from gynaecology, breast, and abdominal, to cardiac, vascular, musculoskeletal, and neurological.

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  1. Financial Officer

Average salary: £95,000

Financial Officers are a key part of an organisation, helping to take charge of everything finance, from budgets, records, and receipts, to invoices, audits, and financial policies.

Using their expert skills in financial and accounting procedures, along with excellent analytical and mathematical abilities, they’re able to ensure an organisation’s financial operations are running smoothly and in line with legal requirements.

A Financial Officer also acts as a key point of contact for the wider business and its clients, providing great customer service and advice to help deal with financial matters or resolve any disputes.

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  1. Data Modeller

Average salary: £94,000

Data Modellers use their creativity and analytical skills to design computer databases, using logical, conceptual, and physical data models.

Working closely with Data Architects, their role is to ensure the databases translate complex business data in a way that meets a company’s requirements.

Jobs in data modelling aren’t just extremely lucrative, they’re also expected to increase in number in the near future – in order to keep up with organisations’ growing data needs.

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  1. Agile Coach

Average salary: £94,000

Agile Coaches are strong leaders and advocates of agile processes – a project management methodology employed by thousands of business worldwide.

They’re responsible for educating and guiding a team of developers, focusing on increasing collaboration and innovation within projects. They may also help with implementing long-term strategies across an organisation.

With the popularity of these methods on the rise (often chosen above traditional methodologies), roles in agile coaching are expected to increase over the next decade.

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  1. Security Architect

Average salary: £90,000

With the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, Security Architects are more in demand than ever.

They’re in charge of the designing, building, and testing of an organisation’s security system, ensuring their IT network is safe and secure from outside attacks.

And, as new security standards, procedures, and potential threats are developed and updated on a regular basis, Security Architects must also ensure to stay up-to-date, educating staff and improving systems when needed.

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  1. Java Architect

Average salary: £85,000

Java Architects design, develop, and upgrade a complete architecture that supports Java applications and achieves organisational goals.

This involves studying business operation and user-interface requirements, and contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans accordingly. They must also ensure the architecture they create is in line with financial objectives.

Aside from excellent technical skills and an in-depth understanding of Java languages, Java Architects are also great leaders with excellent communication skills.

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  1. Managing Director

Average salary: £79,000

Managing Directors are in charge of an organisation’s business strategy and performance.

Their role is to work with other board members to oversee the company, whilst focusing on ways to improve profits, growth, and shareholder return. This includes implementing an effective company policy, developing strategic goals, and building an operational management team.

They’re an essential part of the success of any business, with their excellent decision making skills, great leadership, and ability to plan effectively valuable assets.

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Honourable mentions: Machine Researcher (81,000), Sales Director (£78,000), Dentist (£75,000), Dev Ops Engineer (£71,000), Ruby Developer (£70,000), Fraud Analyst (£70,000).


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