10 new things you should learn in 2022

New years are for new starts…

If you’re considering developing your skills, why not do it right now? It’s cold outside, you’ll have the entire year to complete your studies, and you can tick off a few New Year’s resolutions while you’re at it. It’s practically a win-win. 

To help motivate you, here are 10 new things you should definitely learn in 2022:  


Learn what your pet is thinking

Ever wondered what really goes on inside your pet’s head? 

Let’s face it, it’s probably a combination of treats, walks, pets, and if you have a cat - world domination. But there’s actually much more to pet psychology than that. 

Whether you’re looking to calm an aggressive pet, you want to tackle their separation anxiety (enter: lockdown pets), or you just want to know why your dog barks so much, a pet psychology course will enable you to take a deeper look into what their behaviour represents, and if negative, teach you how the problem can be resolved. 

Perfect for: People who prefer animals to people.

We recommend: The Pet Psychology Course from Study365.

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Learn Microsoft Excel

Don’t know your SumIF from your Concatenate? It’s time to learn how to Excel. 

Not only are Excel skills something that everyone should have, the Microsoft programme is also one of the most widely used in the world – used for everything from analysing data, and tracking hours, to finances and invoices, amongst a whole host of other things.

By taking an Excel course, you’ll be able to enhance your skills in your current role, or even develop the capability needed to start something new. 

Perfect for: People who hate doing maths in their head. 

We recommend: The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bootcamp from Excel with Business.

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Learn how to trade cryptocurrency

Everybody’s talking about crypto. Want to join them? 

Whether you’re looking to take on a side hustle, or you’re interested in pursuing a career in trading cryptocurrency, a course will provide you with the best strategies on how to do it effectively, with real world advice and tips from industry experts. 

At the very least, you’ll actually be able to join in when your friends start talking about Bitcoin. 

Perfect for: People who want to make a profit.

We recommend: The Cryptocurrency Trading Masterclass from Course Central

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Learn how to write (and edit) great copy

Want to boost your employability in marketing, creative writing, and SEO roles? Let’s have a few words. 

Copywriting and proofreading skills are extremely valuable to employers, and they’re not just useful for these jobs. Even if writing isn’t your main responsibility, you probably do it more than you think. 

From building reports to simply writing an email, your words count. So this year, why not learn how to say the same things, but better? 

Perfect for: People who can spot any mistke.

We recommend: The Proofreading & Copy Editing Course from One Education

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Learn about diet and nutrition

Hands up if eating healthier was one of your New Year's resolutions? 

If you’re looking to improve your diet in 2022, there are a number of diet and nutrition courses to help you do just that. Not only does what you eat affect your physical health, it also impacts your wellbeing, with healthier choices proven to improve both of these things. 

Our advice? Just throw away any leftover mince pies. They’re not worth it. 

Perfect for: People who (want to) know what's good for them.

We recommend: The Diploma in Diet & Nutrition QLS Level 5 from CPD Courses

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Learn sign language

Learning sign language will give you the ability to communicate with the 430 million people all over the world that suffer from disabling hearing loss*. 

In addition to this, you’ll be able to interact more effectively with babies and people with learning differences, autism, or dyslexia - who often find it easier to understand sign language than spoken language. 

What’s more, learning to sign strengthens cognitive function and reasoning in the same way learning a foreign language does, increasing your memory, boosting your attention span, and enhancing your communication skills. 

Perfect for: People who are looking for a sign to learn something new. 

We recommend: The British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 & 2 Course from Janets.

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Learn to hack

OK OK, but hear us out. If you do it this way, you won’t get arrested.

That’s because you’d be hacking for good – protecting servers everywhere and keeping organisations’ important information secure. You’d be an online vigilante. A crime fighter of the world(wide) web. A modern day superhero, some might say.  

To help you fulfil your 2022 dreams of pursuing (or developing) a career in cyber security – we have a number of courses in all areas of the field, no matter what level you’re at.

Perfect for: People who want to use their powers for good.

We recommend: The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Version 11 + CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) Bundle from e-courses4you.

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Learn about mental health

Trust us, mental health matters. 

Understanding and taking care of both your own and others’ mental health is extremely important – both in your personal life and at work. In fact, employers are actively seeking out candidates who can bring these hard and soft skills to their team – whether it’s as a leader, manager, co-worker, or friend. 

And with the effects of the pandemic taking its toll on many people’s mental health, there’s never been a better time to develop your skills. 

Perfect for: People who put mental health first.

We recommend: The Mental Health Diploma from Training Express Ltd

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Learn how to get fit

New year, new exercise routine. 

It’s January, and you know what that means? Working off all of those Christmas calories is many people’s top priority (just ask any gym ever). 

Luckily, there are thousands of courses for anyone needing that extra bit of motivation to get moving - which include functional exercises, expert tuition, and key tips and guidance to help you meet your fitness goals. 

Perfect for: People who want to up their work-out game. 

We recommend: The Strength and Fitness Training Course from Global Edulink.

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Learn for free 

On a budget? Don’t let that stop you. 

With over 180 free courses on Reed.co.uk right now, there’s bound to be something that’ll help you reach your goals in 2022. Build on your office skills, learn the basics of IT, HR, health & care, teaching, marketing, retail, design, or do literally anything else. The (totally free) opportunities are endless.  

No price tag. No guilt. No excuses. 

Perfect for: People who got this far in the article and still haven’t made a decision. 

We recommend: The IT User Skills Level 2 Course from vision2learn

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*Source: The World Health Organisation (WHO)