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NEA Business Mentors - helping new entrepreneurs - volunteer

  • Oxford, Oxfordshire
  • £125.00 per day
  • 2 applications
  • Job type: Temporary, part-time
  • Date:
  • Reference: 24492948
  • Duration: 8 weeks

Please note although a volunteer role there is an initial payment made to the Mentor following successful completion of the Mentee induction

NEA Business Mentor

The primary goal of a Mentor is to build sustainable, trusting relationships with Mentees in order to enhance their ability to start, maintain and grow their businesses.

In terms of the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme the period on mentoring is limited to:

  • The 8 weeks from the induction day to the preparation of the mentee’s business plan and cash-flow
  • Up to 6 months after trading

The role of a Mentor

Mentoring activities are undertaken through a range of channels including face-to-face meetings (one-to-one or group), telephone discussions and email exchanges.

In terms of the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme the first mentoring meeting, held within 7 days of the Induction, should be face to face. The mentoring sessions following this can either be face to face, by telephone or Skype.

Mentors are required to:

  • Engage with mentees to agree how mentoring could support their prospective or existing business.

The initial engagement with mentees will be during the Induction day.

All mentees have been identified as having a feasible business idea and that they could potentially start trading within one month. At the Induction day the Mentor and Mentee should agree the first 3 mentoring sessions (First face to face and following two telephone or Skype sessions). These are recorded on the time line which is signed and copied to the Mentee and Pinnacle People

  • Agree a programme of mentoring activity that best meets the needs of their mentee

The programme of mentoring activity is outlined in the timeline. At each mentoring session the Mentor completes a Mentor Feed Back Form. The Mentee is provided a copy and the form is also sent by recorded delivery to Pinnacle People

  • Encourage their mentee to express and discuss their ideas, concerns and understanding of the business situation facing them
  • Help Mentees to review their progress and set realistic and practical options to realise their goals The Mentor Feedback Form includes agreed actions and due by dates.
  • Help Mentees to reflect on and learn from things that did not turn out as expected This is particularly appropriate in the 6 months following trading.
  • Refer Mentees to other sources of information, advice or further support when appropriate
  • Encourage mentees to take responsibility for their own decisions, plans and actions
  • Present a positive image of Business Mentoring
  • Keep up-to-date and accurate records of Mentee contact This includes the Mentor Feedback Form and any other communication or other information requested.

Mentor competencies

The Mentor needs to possess or develop the following competencies in order to undertake the mentoring role effectively:



  • Excellent communication skills to include active listening and personal presentation skills
  • Effective time management
  • Relationship building and networking
  • Personal development
  • Maintaining records and preparing written reports


  • Risk management - personal and business related
  • People development
  • Influencing and negotiation

Knowledge and understanding


  • The difference between the role of a mentor and the role of other business support professionals e.g. coach, adviser or consultant
  • Rules on confidentiality and data protection and how to follow them
  • The mentoring relationship and the importance of using the most effective communication methods to create a productive mentoring environment
  • How a business works (essential enterprise know-how)

Personal behaviours

Mentors should have the ability to:

  • Respect the Mentee’s need for information, commitment and confidentiality
  • Listen and respond effectively and check understanding
  • Adapt their personal style to empathise with a whole range of Mentees
  • Build and maintain rapport over the period of support
  • Invite a two-way exchange of information and feedback with Mentees and others
  • Display excellent interpersonal skills to include influencing and negotiation
  • Take a flexible approach to work
  • Be emotionally resilient and be able to work in a challenging environment


  • Successful hands-on professional expertise in key business areas including marketing, sales, law, finance/accounting, HR, IT, customer service, research, imports/exports

PLEASE NOTE - Security requirements for all roles

We require all employees to complete a Baseline Personal Security Standard check (BPSS). This is made up of the following four elements:

1. References covering the last three years (with no breaks)

2. Identity confirmation

3. Proof of right to work within the UK

4. A basic disclosure certificate (unspent criminal convictions check)

Without satisfaction completion of these four individual elements, you will be unable to work for us.

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